Projects - Walking Aids World Wide

Since 2002 the Rotary Club of Dronfield has been recycling crutches, other walking aids, medical instruments and a variety of medical supplies to developing countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia, as well as to the medical aid agencies.

The crutches and walking aids are all donated by the patients of the BMI Thornbury Hospital on Fulwood Road, Sheffield and collected from there on a monthly basis by Rotarians. They are then stored in Dronfield Parish Hall until a full pallet load has been gathered.

As an example we dispatched a batch of 340 aluminium elbow crutches, 4 paediatric crutches, 4 walking sticks, 4 leg braces and a pneumatic ankle boot, with a total value when new in excess of £4.5k. All were all checked for reliability, packed and despatched to the New Steps Rehabilitation Centre at Waterloo just outside Freetown, Sierra Leone.