Projects - Grant a Wish

The majority of people have dreams and ambitions – a 'bucket' list; some may attain them after many years of waiting until they can afford them, have the time, or have the opportunity, but many do not. Most do not because of bad luck, but some don't because their life is limited, either by physical or mental difficulties or a short life expectancy.

The Rotary Club of Dronfield is looking towards providing assistance to someone in our community to help in achieving their ambition. It could be a ride in a fire-engine/police car, re-visiting a special place in England, re-uniting with old friends, etc.

The inspiration for this assistance is based on the 'Grant a Wish Foundation' which was originally set up in America. Like the Grant a Wish the Rotary Club of Dronfield aim to support a person with a life threatening illness to achieve a small ambition. In order to qualify for this support, the applicant should have a life-threatening medical condition supported by a letter from the treating physician along with the 'ambition'. Closing date for applications is 30 April 2015.

To apply, please write to Rotarian M S Taylor, 65 Barnes Avenue, Dronfield Woodhouse, S18 8YF